Sunday 12 July 2015

A Change in the Weather

    I gave a big sigh of relief this morning when I woke up and heard the patter of raindrops on our metal roof.  The forecast says more is coming.  I am usually a sunshine person, and grey skies often get me down, but after the hot dry weather and forest fires popping up all over BC, I was happy to accept the dull overcast skies since they were bringing the rain.
    Fortunately we have lots of water, so our garden didn’t suffer as much as some in the Robson Valley, but it is always a lot easier if nature does the work for us.  I have already harvested a lot of peas and strawberries.  The lettuce, which didn’t like the hot weather, has bolted. I have eaten some cherry tomatoes in the greenhouse and I see one of the bigger tomatoes is starting to turn.  The corn and beans thrived in the heat and are well on their way.
    The biggest relief is that we got the rain without lightning, so the uneasiness I felt about the possibility of forest fires has greatly lessened.

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