Sunday 19 July 2015

Rainbow Falls Postcard

    There are actually two falls on Rainbow Creek.  It was tthe really big one that I blogged about a couple of days ago, but there is also this smaller one (photo above) where the water only falls about 10-12 feet (3-4m).  When you walk up the trail, you come to the small one first.
    When we moved to McBride we were excited about everything around us in the Robson Valley.  In town at one of the few stores, they had a handful of postcards showing local scenes.  One featured Main Street which was of interest to us because McBride was so small that we could identify some of the vehicles shown in the photo, parked along Main, because they were owned by people we knew.  The other postcard that I remember was entitled “Rainbow Falls”.  I remember it because it showed the wrong falls, the small one, not the big actual Rainbow Falls.  
    This is what I assume happened:
    I suspect some photographer who was producing postcards, was touring around BC stopping in at various towns, asking about local landmarks.  He drove into McBride and asked around and someone told him about Rainbow Falls and told him how to get there.  He found the parking area, hiked up the trail and got to the small falls where he took the photo, then turned around and drove on to the next town, not knowing that he missed the main event.  That is why the wrong falls was on the postcard.

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