Friday 17 July 2015

Rainbow Falls Canyon

    Rainbow Falls drops into a canyon or bowl.  To be able to see it, you first have to climb up a slope then down into the bowl.  The undeveloped trail down, is steep and a bit treacherous, but there are rocks, trees, and even a rope someone strung up, that you can cling to.  Once you are in the canyon, you are in totally different ecosystem than what you find on the rest of McBride Peak.   The spray from the falls and the darkness of the canyon create moss and cedar habitat, similar to what you find in the Robson Valley’s West Twin Old Growth Area or the Ancient Forest.
    Because Rainbow Falls is undeveloped, there is a lot of deadfall that you need to climb over in order to get a good view of the falls.  Being down in the bowl is interesting not because of the soaring water that shoot over the rocky cliff, but also for the little pocket of primal forest that surrounds you.  Here are some photos.

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