Friday 10 July 2015

Non-Sleeping Brain

    Yesterday it was hot and sunny and I did the laundry.  To dry it I hung it out on the clothes line.  Our clothes line goes out above our garden (See the yellow wires in the photo).  When the hungry deer around here forced me to build a  protective fence around the garden I was confronted with a problem because of the location of the clothes line.  I left a gap where the clothes line went and made a removable section that I could take off whenever we hung clothes (The highest horizontal board and the green board).
    In the evening, I took down the dry clothes and brought them into the house and proceeded with my evening activities.  I went to bed and was asleep.  
    I awoke suddenly at 4:30 realizing that I failed to shut the clothes line gap in the fence.  I got up hoping the deer hadn’t found the opening (they hadn’t), when outside and shut it.  Then went back to bed.
    I think it is pretty amazing that my subconscious brain grinding away with all kinds of information figured it out that I forgot to close the gap when I took down the clothes, then woke me up to let me do it.

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