Sunday 5 July 2015

Ahh, A Return to Normalcy

    Its been a hard couple of days for our spoiled and pampered pets.  I was in Prince George for a couple of days to be with Joan as she got her hip replacement.  This meant a big upset in the lives of Lucifer our cat, and Skye our dog.  
    Skye who is a rescued dog and who still feels the trauma of her past, had to stay at the pet hostel for a couple of nights.   Although she has been at the hostel many times during the day, and receives special treatment, she is always scared at the barking dogs when we arrive and I have to carry her into the building because she refuses to leave the car.  This is the first time when she has had to stay overnight.  It is always just as hard for Joan and I who worry so much about her wounded psyche.
    Lucifer always just stays in our house.  One thing good about her is when she is outside exploring, she always comes promptly when we call.  She was out enjoying some last minutes of outside time on Thursday afternoon when we were ready for our trip to Prince.  We called her... called her again.... and again.  She was nowhere to be seen.  We called and called, putting off our trip for over an hour trying to get her to come--she didn’t.
    Finally we accepted that we had to leave and so I put her food, water, and litter box up on the balcony.  It is a place she always goes when she can’t get into the house.  We finally got in our car and drove away, hoping that she was alright and would find her way to the balcony and safely spend her nights there.
    Up in a Prince George Hotel, Thursday night, I had a fitful sleep worrying about Joan’s operation, Skye at the kennel, and Lucifer.  Lucifer was a particular worry.  Had she gone into the shop and gotten closed in there?   Had she gotten shut into the crawl space under the house?  
    On Friday when Joan had her operation, I called our friends the Milnes, who always drive into McBride on Fridays and asked them to drive to our place and see if they can find the cat.  They found her on the balcony and let her into the house along with her food, water, and litter box. 
    That is where I found her when I returned home on Saturday afternoon.  I picked up Skye at the hostel, when she ran out of the hostel door, she didn’t even stop to greet me, she just made a bee-line for the car.
    It felt good for me and the animals to be back together at home.  Joan will be up in the Prince George hospital for a few more days.

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