Tuesday 28 July 2015

Evening Grosbeaks

    The Evening Grosbeaks seem to have made a recovery around here.  In our early days living in the Robson Valley we used to see them periodically, then for about 10 years we didn’t see them at all.  Now I am seeing and hearing their loud chirp more than ever.  I couple of years ago I heard reports that their populations had drastically crashed, so its good to see them back.
    Grosbeaks sort of remind me of parrots, with their brilliant colors and huge beak.  The big beak is used to pry open seeds, and they seem to have no trouble here at my bird feeder getting their fill of sunflower seeds.  
    I read that in the early 1900’s Evening Grosbeaks were only found in the conifers of Northern Canada, but then began spreading southward and now there are populations in most states in the US.

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