Wednesday 22 July 2015


    While huge chunks of BC are suffering through the worst drought conditions on record, with water restrictions in effect for usually wet Vancouver, and other parts of the province going up in smoke as forest fires rip though the countryside, over the last couple of days the Robson Valley has been experiencing monsoon-like precipitation.  The violent thunderstorms and furious rainfalls that we are getting seem more tropical and intense than our usual gentle showers.  
    The booming and loud cracking of lightning sent our dog and cat scurrying chaotically around the inside the house looking for someplace to hide.  Joan and I watched the downpour in disbelief then marveled 30 minutes later when the rain was replaced with blue skies and sunshine.  It has been quite a mix of weather.
    The photo below is the water shooting from our downspout during the deluge which cause the angled piece at the bottom to come off.

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