Thursday 16 July 2015

Rainbow Falls

    Yesterday I was feeling pretty housebound and in need a bit of out-of-doors stimulation.  I had an hour or so that I could get away, so I decided to go to Rainbow Falls.  This falls is less than 5 miles (3 km) from our house, but I haven’t been there for about 20 years.  Unfortunately I have never been able to do it justice on a photograph, because you really can’t get the scale of the thing.  (The big rock at the bottom of the photo is larger than a garden shed.)
    Joan and I first visited the falls way back in the late 70’s shortly after moving to McBride.  I was surprised that something this spectacular wasn’t a state or provincial park.  It was just a waterfall out in the bush that the locals visited.  I later learned that it was on private land, but the well-worn trail to the falls show that it is still a popular place to explore.
    Rainbow Falls is just off the McBride Peak Road at the first, where it begins to climb up the slope.  There is a trail.  

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