Tuesday 23 June 2015

Mosquitoes and Thistles

    Yesterday I was dealing with two things I detest, and infestation of mosquitoes and of thistles.  I have been waging an losing war on Canadian thistles for decades.  Every year I go out with my brush saw and mow the things down before they go to seed, and every year they come back to fight another day.  They are just plants with tiny thorns that are always ready to get you, even when they are dead and dry.
    Unfortunately this year the thistle season has fallen during the apex of mosquito season.  At the moment going outside is intolerable, with the small biting variety of mosquito saturating the air.  I started out yesterday with just a hat and my brush saw, but as soon as I started up the machine the mosquitoes attacked, forcing me to rush back to the shop for my bee keeper’s hat and some gloves.
    It doesn’t do much for motivating me to go outside to work on the yard and garden work with the mosquitoes so dense.  I have my fingers crossed that they follow the normal course of events and disappear after a couple of weeks.

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