Tuesday 30 June 2015

Dunster Ice Cream Social, 2015

    They advertise it as “socially sanctioned gluttony” and that pretty much sums it up.  We went to the annual Dunster Ice Cream Social on Saturday, and the photo above shows what I consumed.  (That is a regular size paper plate in case you were wondering.)
    Here is how it works, you walk along the tables that are covered with various types of desserts, (pies, cakes, squares, etc)   You point out what you would like, and they put some of it onto your plate.  You continue on down the line, adding more and more, until your plate is full, then you reach the last table where they are scooping out the ice cream.  
    At this point, you think, “Well, I got this much, I might as well have some ice cream too,”  so you point out what kinds of ice cream you want and if there is not any room left on your plate they just stack it on top.  
    The Ice Cream Social is also a celebration of Canada Day which happens tomorrow, but after eating all of the above, I had to apologetically decline a serving of the Canada Day Birthday cake.

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