Thursday 25 June 2015

Cartoon: Enemy at the Door

    Every time we open the door, whether it is to go out, to come in, or to let the dog or cat come in or go out, they are there waiting for us--the mosquitoes.  They are quick to take advantage of the smallest crack in the house’s defenses, and it only takes a few to disrupt what you are doing in the house, and is particularly irritating at night when we are trying to sleep.
    Of course, outside it is even more horrible.  I was driven close to a panic yesterday when I carried the cat litter box out to the weedy area near the sewage lagoon where I empty it.  I was trapped with both hands on the box, or trying to hold the box and shovel out the bits, when they brutally attacked.  In my nose, around my eyes, buzzing my ears, stinging my neck--I almost lost it.
    I am really hoping that this plague will soon end.  The weeds are starting to take over the garden and I have more thistles to cut in the pasture, but it is very hard to force myself to do 

anything outside.

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