Thursday 7 May 2015

What's that Smell?

    I have been wanting to buy some Epson Salt to use in my greenhouse and garden.  It adds magnesium to the soil which helps tomatoes, peppers, and roses.  I think Epson Salt is mostly used for soaking feet, so I wasn’t sure if I could find any in little McBride, not knowing how many local people want to soak their feet.  I checked in the grocery store’s small section of medications, but they didn’t have any.  There is a very small pharmacy in the hospital and luckily I found a bag there.
    Yesterday I was out in the greenhouse and started to mix up a solution of Epson Salt in my sprinkling can (1 tablespoon/gallon).   As I was working my nose caught the scent of a strange perfumy odor.  I couldn’t figure out what it was, I thought maybe some plant Joan had started in the greenhouse was causing the smell.
    I continued mixing and watering the tomatoes and peppers, and the smell just got stronger and stronger.  I found it sickly sweet.  Then as I continued making my brew, I happened to glance down at the plastic bag of Epson Salts and there in big letters it said, “Lavender Scented.”   It was the Epson Salts that were stinking up the greenhouse.
    I could see no reason for adding smell of Epson Salts, but Joan figured that maybe it might appeal to some old women who soak there feet.
    So if you happen to go into my greenhouse and notice a perfumy lavender smell, now you know why.

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