Wednesday 13 May 2015


    We make the drive up Hwy. 16 to Prince George, BC about once every 3 weeks.  The drive takes about 2.5 hours.  Almost the entire drive is through forested areas, which can be rather boring, so we are always happy to see wildlife.  Deer, Black bear, and moose are fairly common sights.
    Yesterday we made the drive to Prince to take Joan to the airport and on our trip we saw something spectacular along the side of the road--Grizzly bears.  Black bears can generally be seen grazing along the margins of the highway during the spring and summer, but grizzlies are a rare sight.  Yesterday this mother bear and her yearling were grazing and playing (note the love bite) and didn’t seem to be too concerned about the three vehicles that had stopped to watch.  
    While grizzlies do live around here, they generally hangout deeper in the bush.  I have seen grizzly bears in the wild only a handful of times during my 40 years in Canada, so seeing these two yesterday was a memorable treat. 

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