Tuesday 5 May 2015

Rain, Showers, Rain. Showers

    It seems the weather in the Robson Valley is on “Repeat.”  Since our mild weather came about a month early, I was hoping that all the standing water from the snow melt would disappear before the mosquitoes became active, but I hadn’t suspected all this precipitation.  The pools of water hidden around in the bush haven’t dried up, and now the mosquitoes are a month early and you can see the mosquito larvae wiggling around in the water.
    I have emptied my can of biological larvicide in many of the pools, and the hardware store can’t get any more until the end of May.  It kills the mosquito larvae without harming other aquatic creatures.
    Many of the paths and trails that we use are as muddy as I have ever seen them.  Mud is starting to squish though the wood chips that I put down to prevent walking in the mud.  The forecast does show a stretch of sunny dry weather up ahead.  I have my fingers crossed.

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