Sunday 10 May 2015

Dahlias: Ugly Ducklings

    I dug in the Dahlia bulbs yesterday.  They are an ugly tangle of tubers and roots, and to look at them you would never imagine what beautiful flowers they turn into.  Our Dahlia tubers were getting so big (some the size of a volleyball) that I cut many of them in half last fall when I dug them up.  (Up here in the Interior of BC we have to dig them up and store them over winter.)   I usually dig them when I dig the potatoes and store them with the potatoes in the crawl space under the house, where it doesn’t freeze.
    Anyway I planted all of the tubers we saved, plus a bag of new ones that we bought.  The photo below shows a row of the big ones.  I also made a row of middle-size ones, and individual carrot-sized tubers that had broken off.   At the very bottom you can see a closeup photo of one of the spectacular blooms these ugly tubers produce.

Take a look at my paintings:

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