Sunday 3 May 2015

Two Songs

    Yesterday during the walk Joan, Skye, and I were doing at the McBride airfield, two songs kept jumping into my head.  One was from James Taylor’s song “Sweet Baby James” where he sings, “deep greens and blues are the colors I choose.”   I was attracted to those lyrics the first time I heard the song because those are also the colors I choose.  
    The other song I thought of was Hank Snow’s “Blue Canadian Rockies.”  Looking at the mountains that surround the Robson Valley it was obvious why that might have jumped into my mind.   Maybe the United States has “purple mountain majesty” but up here in Canada our mountains are usually blue.  
    Spring is always a beautiful time of year because of the colors.   The mountains are deep blue, with a brilliant white topping of snow, and as the deciduous trees begin to leaf out, they provide a beautiful light green accent to the landscape.

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