Friday 8 May 2015

Salamander Eggs

   In the photo they look very similar to pearls, but I am fairly sure they are salamander eggs.  We have a small pool of water beside our back deck that used to be a gold fish pond.  We no longer have gold fish, but the pool is still there and every year I usually find a salamander or two in it.  
    About a week ago I saw some mosquito larvae wriggling around in the pool and put some biological larvicide into the water which gets bacteria into their gut and kills them.  It isn’t supposed to harm other aquatic creatures, but I am never too sure.  It was good then to see that there must still be salamanders living in the water and laying eggs.  They usually attach the eggs to sticks  and twigs.  
    The salamanders we have in the Robson Valley are fairly small and only get to be about 3 inches
(7.5 cm) in length.  Below is an old photo I took of one.

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