Saturday 23 May 2015

Guitar Case Cat

    In the evening I didn’t have anything planned.  Since Joan is not around, I decided that I would spend some quality time with my guitar, outside on the lanai.  I have a big amplifier that has been in storage in the garage, and I thought it would probably be a good to blow the cobwebs out of it, instead of once again playing my little amp which I use weekly at our jam.
    I lugged the big amp out of the shop then went to the house and brought my guitar out.  I laid the guitar case across the arms of a lawn chair, opened it up, plugged my guitar into the big amp and began to play.  I started through my old electric guitar repertoire, trying to remember songs by the Byrds, Beatles, Neil Young, Cream, James Taylor, and Tom Petty.  I spent an enjoyable hour playing, totally engulfed by the music.
    Skye, our dog was sitting patiently beside the lanai, occasionally looking up wondering when I would quit and fill her bowl of dog food.  I finally took sympathy on her, and turned around to put my guitar back in its case, and was surprised to see Lucifer our cat, comfortably and contently sitting in the plush velvet of the guitar case.  I hadn’t noticed her at all as I was playing, and was somewhat gratified that she didn’t mind my thrashing about on my electric guitar.

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