Tuesday 26 May 2015


    At first glance this photo may appear to be a mountainside covered with trees, but it is a horsetail rush covered side of my dam.  In the early morning after a heavy frost, the backlit horsetails sparkle like they have been covered with diamond dust.  I haven’t been able to get a realistic looking photo, but maybe you can get an idea.
    I knew what horsetails were when I first came to Canada, but only because I had collected fossils of their ancestors back in Indiana.  I had never actually seen a real one before.  When I first saw them as we drove through a deep forest on Vancouver Island, I mistakenly thought they were a thick patch of young trees growing beside the road.  I was quite thrilled (I live at a very low level of excitement) when I discovered they were horsetails, the descendants of my Calamite fossils that grew 350 million years ago.

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