Friday 15 May 2015

Joan's Garden Box

    Because of a fungus which has contaminated our garden, we can’t grow garlic and onions, which are both mainstays in our diet.  Fortunately our friends the Milnes generously allow us to grow garlic in their garden.  This year Joan decided to take advantage of McBride’s Community garden to grow some onions, at least that was the initial plan.
    Once she got the box of course, she couldn’t help but strive for something a little more creative than just growing onions.  She ordered a triangular shaped trellis which she thought would look good with some sweet peas and morning glories growing on it.  
    She had scheduled a trip to Europe to visit with friends, and to join my sister Nancy Marchant, the famous knitter (Google her), who is giving a workshop in Berlin.  The trip kind of came up on Joan in a hurry, so she had to scramble to get her garden box organized and planted.  She got everything into the ground and took off, and now I am saddled with the responsibility of keeping everything alive until her return.
    I must say that the trellis does give a dramatic impression to Joan’s garden box, and I hope that it will look even more impressive once the plants begin to twine upward and bloom. 

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