Wednesday 6 May 2015

Frog Eyes

    Can you see the frog’s eyes sticking out and looking at you?  
    I mentioned in an earlier blog that our dog Skye has a favorite spot along the shore of the pond where he always stops to take a drink.  On several successive days now as he approaches that spot I have seen movement in the water as he closes in.  It seems that this particular location has also become a favorite of a frog.
    I am always happy to see a frog around the pond.  It is not something that is really a common sight when we walk around the pond.  I take special pride in the frogs, because there were no frogs at all on our property before I built the pond.  I had to go out and catch some at other local lakes then bring them back in hopes to get them started in my pond.  Its gratifying to see that they have survived and propagated.  

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