Monday 25 May 2015

Open Door Policy

    I hinted in previous blogs about how bad the mosquitoes are around our place at the moment.  Well the mosquitoes are not only bad “around” our place, but also “in” our place.  It has gotten so bad inside the house, that I have started sleeping with a mosquito net on my bed.  It only takes one or two of the pests to upset a good nights sleep.
    I point my finger at our dog Skye, and our cat Lucifer, as being accomplices to the problem, because they always leave the door open.
    Both animals know that they can take advantage of our poorly latching carport door and let themselves into the house whenever they like.  Skye takes advantage of this more than the cat, because she seems to like it in the house more than our adventurous cat.  
    I try to get Skye to spend more time outside, so I encourage her to go out with me whenever I go out to do some work, but the moment I turn my back and get busy doing what I was going to do, she opens the door and sneaks back in the house.  She never closes the door behind her, which leaves a gaping hole in the house’s mosquito barrier.  Lucifer does the same thing, but since she is smaller, she doesn’t leave the door as wide open as the dog.
    Sometimes the cat quietly lets herself in and I don’t realize it for a long time, so the mosquitoes have plenty of time and can fly inside at their leisure. 
    I have my fingers crossed that the mosquito season will soon be over.

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