Friday 10 October 2014

Spoiled Animals

    Yesterday, I was using the lawn mower to mulch and collect all the leaves in our yard.  As I stopped to empty the bag that held all the chopped up leaves, I glanced over toward our front porch and noticed Lucifer, our cat, safely snuggled inside her new cat house.  She did have an older cat house, but the neighbor’s cat started using it over night, and that rendered it unusable in the eyes of Lucifer.  When we were up at Prince George on Monday, Joan saw this cat house, and bought it for our spoiled cat, then when she got it home she put an extra blanket in the bottom to make it super soft for Lucifer to lie on.
    Then, I glanced over at the sidewalk, and there sprawled our dog, Skye.  Joan had just given her a soup bone, she had recently bought for the dog.  Skye, who had just cleaned out her bowl of some dried dog food and some chunks of chicken thighs (bought and cooked especially for Skye), was now laying there working her tongue, to get out the last remnants of marrow from the soup bone.
    We sure spoil the animals around here, but its nice to make them happy.  Before I got back to mowing, I walked to the carport and got a bucket, filled it with some water, and then carried it over to the bird bath, where I cleaned out the old water and filled it with some fresh.  I like to see happy animals.

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