Thursday 9 October 2014

More Moss and More Info on Hops

    In an earlier blog about moss, I mentioned how well moss grows in the moist dark forests that we have around here, sometimes it seems to cover all available surfaces.  The photo above shows another example.  This tree was cut down probably 15-20 years ago, and the the top of the stump appears to have made an excellent growing platform for moss.

    After reading the blog about hops, Ingeborg, a friend from Belgium sent me some more information:
     “After reading you blog I wanted to share this information with you .
Hop-shoots are in Belgium a delicacy and people pay big money for them . When the hop plant starts to grow in spring , the new shoots are unearthed and harvested . They can be eaten raw, you can blanch them shortly,sauté them in butter and serve with sauce hollandaise made of beer and many more variations . They are considered the most expensive vegetables . When you will look up recipes in english you will notice that the shoots are green in contrary here in Belgium they are kept underground until ready to harvest . ( Just the same like white asparagus contra the green ones ) . 
The white shoots are more tender and full of flavour . Maybe this will spark some interest to try it out yourself . Included a photo of the harvested hop-shoots. “

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