Thursday 23 October 2014

Off to Tropical Climes

    Yesterday afternoon, I braved the torrents of rain to drive Joan to McBride’s train station, where she caught the train to Prince George, the first leg of her journey to visit her brother in Hawaii.  Certainly the weather we were experiencing here was an encouragement for her to leave.
    Hawaii is one of my favorite places, and my memory of it is always infused with brilliant colors and warm sunshine, something that is getting more and more scarce in the Robson Valley, as we move toward the winter season.
    Joan’s trip will trigger a change in status for me at home.  The eyes of Skye our dog, and Lucifer the cat, constantly monitor Joan’s movements at home, especially when she is in the kitchen, as she has assumed the role of the “Provider of Food”.  Now those eyes will now be focused on me, and it will be me that will be under scrutiny and pressure.  I will do my best to fill her shoes, while she is in sandals.

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