Saturday 11 October 2014

Autumn Light

    The combination of autumn colors and the fact that the sun is taking a lower orbit, creates some striking images in the Robson Valley.  On Thursday, Joan and I stuffed ourselves at the McBride Library’s fund-raising Thanksgiving Dinner.  After finishing the meal, we waddled out the doors of the Elk’s Hall, and were confronted by the golden color of the mountain slopes as the setting sun shone upon them.  
    As you can see, the slopes of the Park Range of mountains contain a lot of deciduous trees.  A hundred years ago, there was a large forest fire that wiped out the coniferous trees that covered these slopes.  It is rumored that the surveyors, sent to survey the valley, torched the slopes to make their job easier, but who knows for sure.
    Below is a shot I took in the morning as Joan, Skye, and I were finishing up the last leg of our trail.

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