Tuesday 7 October 2014


    About all I know about hops is that it is used in the production of beer.  It seems they impart a bitter tangy flavor.  Hops grow as vines.  We planted some along the wire fence that surrounds, (a supposedly protects) our garden, to make the fence more visually pleasing.  They grow like gang-busters up the fence, eight feet (2.5m) high.  They have these green “flowers” which this time of year turn tan in color.
    It is no surprise that Germany leads the world in the production of hops.  They have been growing it there since the year 736.  Because ours are just decorative plants, we have no use for the actual hop.  Fortunately, our friend Dave Milne brews some beer for himself and he collects a small quantity of our hops crop every year to flavor his brew.

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