Friday 3 January 2014


    Our weather has been switching back and forth between rain and snow.  This morning I was happy to see that we were again in the snow mode.  All the twigs and branches where covered with fluffy white snow. 
    As Skye and I started out on the first 50 meters of our walk along the trail, in front of us a deer who was walking toward us on the trail, suddenly saw us, turned, and bounded away.  Skye got really excited and started after the deer (silently, she still hasn’t barked).  Amazingly, when I shouted to Skye to stop, she halted and came back (Mac would have closed his ears and would have been long gone by this point). 
    I watched the deer, who stopped further down the trail when it saw it was no longer being pursued.  It turned and bounded off of the trail and into the bush on the right, disappearing into the snow covered brush.  Skye and I continued on with our walk.
    Just a bit further down the trail, I happened to see the deer, standing there watching us.  I slowly grabbed the camera and luckily it was patient enough to remain in the same position until I got the photo, this being done, we left him and continued on our walk.

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