Saturday 4 January 2014

Into the Shower, Skye

    If the temperature is just around the freezing point and there is snow on the ground, when Skye is walking or playing around in it, snowballs form around her feet and legs.  This used to happen a lot with Mac, so we know how to deal with it.  When Mac came back into the house, we would direct him to the shower, he would walk in, and I would take the hand shower and run warm water over his legs  which quickly melted the snowballs.
    So when Skye first came into the house with snowball feet, I directed her toward the shower, but she right away became suspicious that something sinister was afoot, and timidly walked in the opposite direction.  As my voice became firmer, her resistance hardened and she flattened herself on the floor, which meant I had to pick her up, carry her to the shower to wash her feet.
    Fortunately, this only happened about 5 times, before she realized that the shower treatment didn’t hurt, and actually made her more comfortable by getting rid of the ice on her feet and legs.  Now, when she comes into the house after a romp in the snow, and I direct her to the shower, she stoically walks right into the stall and waits for me to begin.  

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