Tuesday 21 January 2014

Critter Sighting

    Although we walk our trail daily, usually nothing unusual is seen.  Fortunately every once in a while we are happy to spot something out of the ordinary.  This morning as Skye and I were tramping through the snow, my eye caught a glimpse of a color that seemed out of place.  It was an elk or more properly a wapiti.  
    As I looked more carefully, I saw that there was a small herd of five laying in the snow, who had spotted me and were starting to stand up in case they needed to vamoose.  As I stopped to grab my camera, they decided to make their move, but fortunately I did get one photo.
    While deer are quite common, we rarely see elk in our neighborhood.  I have only seen them on our trail walks a few times over many years.  When we first moved to the Robson Valley there were no elk around McBride, then maybe 25 years ago they began to establish themselves.  They became the bane of farmers as the herds became larger and began to damage crops and destroy bales of hay stored out in the open during the winter.  
    They, so far, have caused me no problems, and I enjoyed the rare opportunity of seeing them this morning.

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