Saturday 25 January 2014

Tracks in the Snow

    There is always a lot going on outside at night that we are totally unaware of.  Having snow on the ground gives us evidence of some of those happenings.  The above freezing temperatures during the daylight hours and freezing temperatures at night has created a lot of very slippery icy surfaces on our driveway and sidewalk.
    Above you can see the tracks that a deer left on our icy driveway.  Obviously, the usually sure-footed deer was having trouble with traction and was doing a lot of sliding as it walked up our drive.
    The photo below shows the tracks of a moose that stepped off of our well packed path and and as a result sank  12 inches (30 cm) into the deep snow.  As we walk our trail we also see tracks of snowshoe hare, and mice who all ventured out to frolic about at night in the snow.

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