Saturday 18 January 2014

She Barks

    I have been worried about our dog Skye, because it seemed like she couldn’t bark, at least she hadn’t during the almost 2 months that we had her.  I felt for sure she would bark at the squirrels, but she would silently run across the ground chasing and watching them as they leaped from branch to branch above her.
    The photo above, shows Skye sitting free on the porch, curiously watching a deer, who was checking out the peanut butter I provide for the birds.  Skye just sat there and watched while the deer was only about 7 meters away.  It was bizarre.
    Then a few seconds later, the deer, who was nervous about the dog being there, suddenly bolted and bounded across the yard.  This unexpected action probably startled Skye, because finally, at long last, she stood up, used her voice, and created a low sounding couple of barks.
    Certainly I don’t want a dog that barks all of the time, and fortunately, her barking was brief.  Now I am relieved to know that she can bark but she uses this ability extremely sparingly.

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