Tuesday 14 January 2014

Trapped on Paths

    Every winter as the snow begins to build up deeper and deeper on the ground, our movements outside become more and more restrictive.  Eventually, it gets to the point where we just have to stay on the paths.  There is a path to the barn, where I keep the sunflower seeds for the birds (and squirrels, and deer).  Another path leads to the compost pile, and there is a third path to the firewood.  
    Whenever we take the dog out for a walk, we stay on the path that is part of our trail.   A section of it goes along the edge of the pond.  When we take Skye out for a walk, Lucifer, our cat always wants to go along, and so she follows behind us.  After Skye does her business, we turn around and retrace our steps.
    This means that suddenly the cat, who was at the back of the parade is suddenly leading it.  Usually, when she sees us walking toward us, she does the little arching back display shown in the photo.  I always thought that this arching back thing in cats was some kind of defensive tactic to look bigger and to scare off threats, but I have read that it is more a friendly greeting thing, and it seems like that is the case with Lucifer.
    Skye, however is not convinced, and clings to the belief that it is something Lucifer does before all hell breaks loose and she attacks.  Because we are all pretty much trapped on the path and can’t really walk around the cat, Skye hangs back until Lucifer decides to turn around and lead the parade back to the house.

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