Thursday 23 January 2014

Apology to Lucifer

    I have to make an apology to our cat, Lucifer, for jumping to conclusions.   The other day Joan was watching the news, and they showed the clip of the “Devil Baby.”  I’m sure most of you have seen the viral video by now, but if you haven’t here is what it shows:  Some movie technicians created this little robot, the size and appearance of an infant.  They gave it a horrible scary evil looking face. 
    They put it in a baby stroller out on a busy sidewalk, tucked it in and partially covered its face with a blanket, then walked a way and filmed.  They made the robot cry like a baby, when concerned passersby came over to help the baby, it quickly shot up into a sitting position with its evil little head in view and made a blood curdling scream, which of course terrified the unsuspecting victim.  It was very funny, of course, to watch the reaction of the people as the horrible looking Devil Baby shot up and screamed.
    While Joan was enjoying this video on TV, I was outside shoveling snow.  When I came in, Joan asked me, “Have you seen the “Devil Baby?”  I naturally assumed that she was asking about Lucifer our cat, and replied, “No, I thought she was in the house.”
    I felt sorry that I made this assumption about Lucifer, and I hope she will accept this apology.

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