Tuesday 28 May 2024

The Explosion of Green

    I was once told that my brother-in-law hated green.  I was really taken aback by that news, because green has always been one of my favorite colors.  (James Taylor’s lyric:  “Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose.” bonded with me the instant I first heard them)  Of course, my brother-in-law lives in Hawaii, so I guess he gets an overload of green all year long.  I live in a different environment, where throughout all of those months of winter, we get nothing but grays and whites, which starves me of color, so when spring finally arrives with its abundance of color, I love it.

    Because of our long winters, our growing season is short, so those plants that are able to live here, know they have to get their growing done in a hurry, and as a result, we have a jungle-like explosion of green every spring. 

    One winter I was going through some slides I had taken during the summer, and I was actually shocked upon seeing the jungle of green that they displayed.  When we used to walk the trail through our neighbor’s property, you could hardly see through the walls of green which lined both sides of the path.  It got kind of scary, because there was no way you would be able to see a bear feasting on berries amongst all of that growth.

    The year has now arrived at the point where green dominates the bush.  The trees have all leaved out, as have the brush, and ground plants, all of them striving to make the most of the warmth of spring and summer, before being thrust once again into winter.

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