Thursday 16 May 2024

Blog Interrupted By This Special Weather Report

    I was going to blog today about Avola, BC, the second largest place we lived in after immigrating to Canada, but instead I am happily going to report that we have gotten RAIN!   The precipitation is supposed to continue for the next couple of days.

    Readers know how worrying it has been for us so far this spring, with our drought, and the extreme forest fire hazard it has caused.  Certainly the moisture we have gotten and will be getting, will lessen our fire hazard several notches, and also our worrying.

    Yesterday, I was given by the McBride Fire Department, two sprayers that attach to the outside of my house to lessen the fire danger.  I also bought three additional ones at the hardware store.  I now have to figure out where the most advantages spots are, to attach them.

    On these rainy days, everything looks so green and the sweet smell of spring intensifies.  I had planted most of my garden, and had been shocked at my soil.  It was like dust.  Hopefully now, the rain will encourage those things I had planted to grow and poke through the soil.

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  1. Joy for you! Know the drought conditions were getting severe, if not already. Enjoy the spring weather.

  2. Great that rain has come for you . You must practice that rain dance , so the rain gods look on you with favor more often. :)