Tuesday 21 May 2024

A Horrible Stint of Weeding

    Because of an fungal infection in our soil, we can no longer grow garlic or onions in our garden.  Fortunately, our friends the Milnes, allow us to grow garlic in their garden.  Of course, doing that entails some responsibility, mainly keeping our garlic bed clean.  

    Garlic is planted in the fall.  It sits underground all winter, then sprouts in the early spring.  I hadn’t been out to see our garlic until a few days ago.  I was shocked when I walked out to see how our garlic was doing.  The garlic plot had been totally over run by an amazingly thick carpet of weeds.  It was difficult to even see the rows of garlic sticking up.  The weeds were much thicker than they have ever been in past years.

    Obviously, this meant that I would have to set aside time to weed the garlic, and what a odious few hours I had to spend on my knees, pulling out all those thousands of weeds.  It took me sessions on two different days to get the job done, and after each session, I could hardly walk, because of forcing myself into long periods of time in the kneeling position.

    Yesterday, I finally finished the weeding ordeal, and was very happy at doing so as I limped back to the car to go home.  I am glad I got the weeding done, because we are into a couple of days of rain that would have made the weeding even worse.  I will keep a closer eye on the garlic bed in the future, to make sure I weed before things get so out of hand.

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