Sunday 19 May 2024

A Gathering at Froese's Farm

    Rick, who I referred to as “our Jam’s roadie,” always helped us put everything away when we were done playing, is moving away.  Mark and Irene Froese held a farewell party for Rick at their farm on Friday.  I had never been out to their farm before, and while I had heard about their amazing barn from friends, I must say I was totally blown away when I saw the beautiful structure for myself.  It is certainly a show piece.

    Mark and Irene raise bison on their farm, as well as other animals.  They are also Workaway hosts.  The Workaway organization enables people from all over the world, to travel and spend time in  interesting and unique places (like McBride), working while they explore their new surroundings.  It is an inexpensive way for the mostly young people, to see the world and to experience new situations and cultures.  Over the years, workaways from all over the world, who were staying at Froeses, have come to our Jam to watch or to join us in making music.

    Froese’s fancy barn is set up to be the home for the workaways during their stay.  The photo below shows the interesting kitchen area for the workaways.  I especially liked the upper balcony-like library, with the heavy-duty fishing net to protect them from falls.  

   After the outside potluck dinner for Rick’s farewell party,  The group gathered around a campfire to continue visiting with each other, as dusk turned to night.  It was a very enjoyable gathering, and I thank Mark and Irene for putting it on.


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