Saturday 4 May 2024

Oh Great, Another Hoop to Jump Through

    We don’t have mail delivery to our house in our isolated rural community.  If we want our mail we have to drive into McBride, go to the Post Office, and get it.  Because we do this so often, the Post Mistress knows who we are, and most of the other people in our Village.  

    Yesterday when I was in town, I went to the post office, unlocked my post box and saw that there was a card in there that indicated that we had a received a parcel.  So I went to the counter, gave the card to the Post Mistress, in order to pick up the parcel.  The Post Mistress was embarrassed when she told me that Canada Post had a new rule, and that in order for me to get the parcel, I now had to show a piece of photo ID.

    She apologized for making me do it, because she has known who I was for years and years, but she now had this new rule that she had to follow.  

    I dug into to my pocket, pulled out my wallet, and got out my drivers license to show her.  She nodded her head to indicate that the new rule had been followed, then went into the back room, got our parcel and gave it to me.

    I understand the need for security in our new world where there are so many people out there trying to rip off everyone, but it sure seems stupid to have to go through this photo ID thing, when the Postal clerk already knows who I am, and has known who I was for years.

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  1. Once they give in to one request , all the rest may follow suit, mayhem ensues. But I get you.