Wednesday 22 May 2024

House Sprayers for Forest Fire Abatement

    The fact that our weather has turned showery, hasn’t lessened my concern for forest fires.  I spent yesterday installing water sprayers on my house that are designed to lessen the chances of your house burning during a forest fire.  The most important word in that sentence is “lessen” there are no guarantees during a forest fire.  

    The revolving sprayers create a bubble of cool moist air around the house, that should discourage burning, flying ash from a fire, igniting your house or any dry plants, close to your house.  I have two different kinds of sprayers.  One type easily attaches to your gutter, and the other you screw onto the house.   Once the sprayer is on your house, you just screw in a hose, and turn on the water.   The rotating sprayer throws water a surprisingly long distance, and doesn’t require much water pressure.

    My two gutter-attached sprayers were provided by the Regional District and were given out by the McBride Fire Department.  I bought three of the metal screw-in sprayers at Home Hardware.  They were quite pricy at $150 each, but they are much more heavy duty and spray out more water.

    The most difficult part about putting the sprayers on the house was trying to figure out the most strategic and most effective place to put them.

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