Saturday 16 December 2023

Wide Load

    Yesterday on my way to our Writer’s Group at the library, I came across a truck parked at the turnout by McBride carrying an unbelievably wide load.  The load looked like it might be the bed of one of those gigantic trucks used for mining.  The load was so big and wide, I just had to stop and take a photo.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my mainstay camcorder along so I had to use my iPhone to take the shot.  

    The iPhone camera couldn’t really adequately show how enormous the load was, so as you probably guessed, I took photos taken from different positions then used Photoshop to fuse two photos together, (rather hastily done) so it would give a better idea of what the load looked like.

    I measured the width of the truck’s load by stepping it out, and found it was 21 feet (6.4m) wide.  I then measured the width of Highway 16 between it’s white lines at the edge of the driving area, and found that it was also, 21 feet wide.  The truck’s load would have taken up the entire driving area of the highway.  I suspect that is why it had been stopped.

    The truck had been headed west toward Prince George.  In front of it lay 220 kms (130 miles) of sharp curves twisting around the mountains, and steep climbs and descents at each river valley, and no doubt, there will probably be some snow and ice along the way too.  I couldn’t believe the truck was going to attempt it.  Maybe they will try it at night, blocking all of the oncoming traffic as they proceed.   It seemed crazy.

    Below is a shot of the truck’s load taken from the rear.


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