Thursday 7 December 2023

A Free Christmas Dinner

    One of the things I really love about living in our little village is the sense of community that we have.  That was reinforced yesterday when we attended the free Christmas dinner for all of us old folks, which was organized and put on by the OAPO (Old Age Pensioners Association).  The OAPO is an old provincial organization that I think has greatly diminished in most towns, but despite McBride’s tiny size, we have one of the largest memberships in BC.  I really appreciate it’s existence and how its volunteers work to provide services and social events for the seniors in our community.

    Not only does the OAPO provide our community’s older residents with the delicious Christmas feast, but membership also allows free admission to all of the exercise equipment at the “Fit Pit” in the McBride arena, organized carpet bowling, monthly potluck “Birthday Dinners” as well as monthly potluck dinners, with live music.   Although we don’t make use of all of those activities, we are members and support the activities that they create for those retirees in our community that do take part and look forward to them.

    The Christmas Dinner not only is an opportunity to eat a good meal, but also gives us a chance to visit and catch up with friends, neighbors, and acquaintances in the community that we don’t always see.

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