Thursday 14 December 2023

How The Accident Happened

    My wife was in the kitchen cooking.  She reached up to the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet to get an ingredient and in doing so, accidentally bumped a glass container of sea salt.  The container fell to the counter, upon which was sitting, a Corningware dish of broccoli with a thick glass lid.  The falling container hit the glass Corningware lid, which broke, scattering chards of glass off of the counter and toward the floor.

    Unfortunately, my wife’s foot was there on the floor close to the counter and one of the pointed chards of glass went through her sock, and gouged her toe.  

    It looked like a deep cut, so I drove her to the hospital.  There it was determined that the wound needed to be stitched up.  One of our doctors, whose shift had just ended, generously stayed and put three stitches into the cut toe to seal the open wound.  

    My wife, who had arranged for a train trip to Jasper to visit a friend today, will still make the trip, and I guess, limp around the tourist town of Jasper with her painful toe.

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