Friday 1 December 2023

It's December

    This morning when I realized it was December, I was suddenly excited.  That seemed like a strange reaction, because realistically, there is really nothing in my immediate future that should generate that feeling.  It is all those memories of the Decembers in my childhood that still exist within me, that break through the crust of detritus which has accumulated through my life, that give me that initial excitement when December arrives.

    Christmas, my birthday, gifts, family gatherings, sweets, delicious meals, school vacations, colorful lights, and carols-- all positive December memories, and cherished childhood experiences.  Now in my dotage, most of those things have disappeared,  killed by hyper-commercialism and fragmentation, but that initial surge of December excitement still remains.  

   I had a charmed childhood and I certainly am happy with the precious memories that it has given me.  Sadly the last two members of that generation of relatives that provided it have died this year, and that certainly weighs heavy on my feelings as we begin this year’s December.   

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