Wednesday 6 December 2023

Losing Our Only Bank

    Weekly, we hear of big corporations cutting hundreds or thousands of their workers from there jobs, but that generally doesn’t effect our little village.  However, we were all stunned upon learning that Scotiabank, the only bank in town, was closing down the Village’s only financial institution, and moving out.   That will cause a tremendous of hardships for both residents and business in the Robson Valley.  Beside all of the other financial services, the Scotiabank has the only cash machine in our isolated village.

    Now, what do we do?  There is still a bank in Valemount, BC our nearest neighboring village, but that  is an hour’s drive away, or if we choose to stick with Scotiabank (fat chance!), we can drive two and a half hours up the dangerous mountainous highway to Prince George.  

    McBride have survived devastating business closures before.  For a while we were down to one gas station (previously we had 4), but fortunately, we now have two.  For years, we were down to only one grocery store, and now we are back to having two, however, losing our bank, which all of our local residents and businesses depend on, will be devastating for our community.  I can only hope a credit union or some other sort of financial institution buys the bank building.

    Below is a brief history of our bank.

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