Sunday 24 December 2023

Our Waterline Looks Normal

    Our Valley had been suffering under a Category 5 Drought.  While we have gotten some rain, we mostly get wind.  Presently we have no snow on the ground, and the longterm forecast predicts a drier than normal winter for our part of BC.  Five families who live just up the road from us, whose water system source is a spring, have now lost their water, due to the drying up of their spring which is on the same mountain slope as our waterline.  Hearing that, I has given me some concerns about how Sunbeam Creek, our water source, is holding up.

    I hiked up to take a look yesterday, and was happy to observe that water was pouring over the top of our intake culvert, and that is the way it should be.  As long as our culvert is full and overflowing,  we should be okay.  

    I sure feel for those whose water has disappeared this early in winter.   Winter is hard enough, even with water.  One friend is considering moving out for the winter, instead of trying to struggle through, having to haul water, and showering elsewhere. 

    Our end of the Robson Valley is considered part of a Temperate Inland Rain Forest, so suffering under these drought conditions is unprecedented,

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