Friday 22 December 2023

The First Sign of Spring (Just Kidding)

    One of the things we wait for when Spring is approaching is the melting of all of the ice on our driveway.  Even though I clear my driveway all through the winter, I never get all of the snow off of it, and each time we drive up or down the driveway, that snow is compacted and turns into ice.  When the warmer weather of Spring finally comes, it takes weeks for that ice to thaw out.

    We have had very little snow so far this year, but there was some, and because it wasn’t deep enough to clear, I didn’t shovel it off, and it formed ice on my driveway.  Polished by the wind and rain, it turned to glare ice, which was extremely slippery.  With our very mild weather (today when I woke up it was +7°C, 44°F) all of the ice on our driveway has gone (I took the photo yesterday).  

    Although our winter is sometimes miserable and problematic, I sure hope that Mother Nature soon quits messing around, and gets back to normal.



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