Friday 29 December 2023

Too Much Wind-Throw

    Yesterday afternoon I thought I would take advantage of our unusually warm weather (+5°C, 41°F) and walk the trail down to the river.  It is a trail we used to walk twice or more times a day with the dog, but I haven’t been down it since last spring, since it had become difficult to maintain.   That lack of maintenance has taken its toll, and the walk yesterday was certainly not an enjoyable experience.

    We have gotten a lot of strong winds lately, and that wind has sure taken down a lot of trees that grew along the path, which are now blocking the trail.  The photo above, Kona is puzzled, not knowing which way to go.  It was not always easy for us to find an way around the blow-down, due to the thick brush. 

    The downed trees are not the only obstacle to using the trail.  It goes through a couple of fields, which  have been taken over by prickly thistles.  Even though the thistles are now laid down, I felt sorry for Kona, who had to walk on them. 

    In the past, I have lugged my chainsaw and lawn trimmer along with me to clear the trail, but I think those days are over.   The old trail has just gotten to the point where it would take too much work to make it passible again, and the old me is also to the point where it would just be too much work.

    It is a shame, because it was an enjoyable and interesting way to get some exercise, and it was close at hand.  I guess I will have to be satisfied with just walking around the pond. 

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