Sunday 10 December 2023

A Treasured Inheritance

    After my mother died in July, my sisters and brothers gathered to clean out her house.  They contacted us to see if there was anything amongst her belongings, that we might want.  My wife immediately knew what she wanted:  Mom’s plastic gravy shaker.

    My wife always loved Mom’s gravy, and when making it, Mom would put water and flour into the plastic gravy shaker, secure its lid, and mixed the two ingredients by shaking the container.

    While insignificant in itself, Mom’s gravy shaker is filled with wonderful memories of both her and the delicious meals she always made for everyone.  Now every time it is used making gravy for the meals my wife makes, we will remember Mom and she will still play a part in the meals we enjoy.

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  1. That is the kind of keepsake I would want as well. Glad you were able to get it.