Tuesday 5 December 2023

My Name is David Marchant, and I am a Packrat

    Just like those members of Alcoholic Anonymous, I have an addiction, and need to accept and admit it:  I have a terribly hard time getting rid of things I don’t need.  The photo above shows one example:  My ‘Junk’ drawer.  It is full of things I once needed, but haven’t touched for years, but for some reason, can’t make myself throw them away.  

    Up at the very top is a tiny handheld Sony television, that I loved.  However, now with the change from analogue to digital TV signals, it really no longer is of any use.  I also see some wired earphones and an old watch.  There is a walkie-talkie that probably would still be of some use, but I never use it because I now have a cell phone.    There are numerous name tags from when I worked for the Forest Service, and a couple of buttons from my high school reunions.  I know I should just dump the contents of my junk drawer in the trash, but somehow, I just can’t.

    Below is a photo of a couple of 2 inch speakers.  Back in 1971, when I was working as a Conscientious Objector in the Indianapolis Goodwill Store, the Goodwill took a contract to do some work for some company that involved these tiny speakers.  After the contract work was completed, there were some of these speakers still lying around.  I am not sure if they were rejects or what, but at the time, speakers were valuable to me, because I figured that if they worked, maybe I could use them as “Tweeters” for my sound system, so I took a couple.  I still don’t know if they work or not, but they are still with me, unused, and taking up space.

    I vow to you right now, that I will make the break, and throw them into the trash, as soon as I get done with this blog.  

    At this stage of my life I realize that I must down-size, but I have so much stuff, and the task seems overwhelming.  

    I did make a start yesterday, I put an ad on Pete’s List (a local site for buying and selling) and I offered up my 12-string guitar for sale.  Ever since I lost my finger, I now have to sometimes hold two strings of my 6-sting guitar down at the same time using my little finger, holding down 4 strings on a 12-string guitar with my pinkie, is just a bit too difficult.   I was surprised at how quickly the 12-string  sold.  The ad just came out today and I got an offer at 6:30AM, with two more offers later.

    I have made a bit of an early New Year’s Resolution, to get rid of a lot of the things I don’t need.  Wish me luck.


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